We make your business grow with customized solutions.

Let's build innovative software solutions together.

Let's build innovative
software solutions together.

We are a company of technological experts who are focused on innovation.
Through our comprehensive advice, we support customers during the whole digital transformation process.

About us

We are a startup company that specializes in technology consulting, focused on software development and on accompanying customers during their growth and technological progress.

Our team is made up of the best professionals to solve the most challenging projects proposed by our partners. We are passionate about being part of them and supporting them throughout the process.

Our founders

Federico Nemetsky


Was born in 1983. He has a degree in Tourism, a Master’s Degree in Social Innovation and another in Cultural Diversity. He has strong skills to manage and lead projects, and vast experience as an educator.

Darío Vaineras


Was born in 1983. He is a Systems Engineer, and has a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity. He is passionate about technology, and has been undertaking different projects since 2002.

What we do

We build robust, secure and scalable softwares. Through the use of the latest technologies, we prioritize the level of usability of all our projects and ensure high performance.

Customized development

We offer 100% customized web systems adapted to your needs.

Mobile Apps

We provide services that include: research, analysis, design, developing and publication both in App Store and Play Store.

IT Outsourcing

Depending on the needs of each customer, we can create teams of experts made up of developers, analysts and software architects, as well as certified and trained professionals.


Due to our approach to helping our customers, we are the best option when they need a fast, flexible and innovative response.

Our Customers

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